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Sue Filmer

I am a driven individual who thrives on self-improvement, furthering my knowledge base and evolving with my field of expertise in order to be a better practitioner. I have a passion for the human body, understanding its physiology, the influence nutrition and exercise have on it, along with the impact that one’s emotional and mental well-being influence their health.

As a practising Registered Dietitian with an interest in Functional Medicine, I use natural medicine, nutritional therapy & various diagnostics as well as the body's natural systems approach in helping the body restore balance by enhancing its own healing process through nutrition.

As a Pilates instructor, I focus on the body's dynamic and functional ability in enhancing beneficial movement in improving, strengthening & rehabilitating muscle function. I enjoy integrating other forms of exercise such as gyro, yoga and resistance training techniques in my Pilates programs.



I was initially introduced to the Pilates method while studying dancing (ballet and contemporary) at the University of Cape Town. After various knee injuries, my hope of becoming a professional dancer ended, which led me to do my teacher training in 2000 with Body Arts and Science International (BASI), an international Pilates academy. I was certified in both mat and equipment (Reformer, Chair and Cadillac) in 2001. I have taught at various studios in Johannesburg and Cape Town, all of which have had high standards and very knowledgeable instructors.

Through the years, continuous learning has been very important to me. I have attended various workshops by South African and international movement experts in order to keep up to date with movement and Pilates trends. 


Pilates really is for everybody! It can be modified to benefit each individual's specific needs.I love the fact that I have a variety of clients from younger and athletic, to more mature, to people needing rehabilitation focused work. I enjoy teaching traditional Pilates exercises, but like to include fascial release work and other functional exercises as well, always with the Pilates principles in mind. Now and again, I think my dancing background comes through, especially in my matwork  classes where I like to flow from one movement into another, where the class becomes one long dance.



I joined the Health In Motion teaching staff in 2021.


Throughout my life I have been passionate about maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. I have been teaching Pilates for the past 10 years believing it to be an all-encompassing methodology to good health and fitness.


Brimming with energy, I am a devoted practitioner and have thrown myself into instructing at all levels of client fitness. I am dedicated to the Stott Pilates method. My constant pursuit of creative and exciting exercise routines allows me to keep my clients enthusiastic and dedicated to the constantly evolving science of Pilates.


I see Pilates as a practical application for my own life-long love of sport and fitness. I enjoy many outdoor activities and am an accomplished long-distance runner and triathlete. Pilates has helped me maintain the physical stamina and endurance necessary to achieve my fitness goals. 


I bring to my instruction, a well-rounded approach to health and well-being, helping clients to move, feel and look better. By assisting them to focus on the positive changes, and being results driven, my clients gain a sense of empowerment and achievement over their bodies.

I believe that spending my time teaching and guiding my clients into a new, healthy and fit way of living, is a great privilege and very rewarding.

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