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Eat Well

Functional Medicine is a science-based, holistic, patient-centered approach to assessment, prevention and treatment of weight loss, health problems and chronic disease. It aims to identify biochemical and physiological imbalances, which cause health problems in the individual and addresses these principles.

As a qualified, practicing registered dietician since 2000 my passion and interest has lead me to further my knowledge base in qualifications of Applied Functional Medicine, Supplementation, Kinesiology, Iridology and Genetic Testing.


Working along with the experience of a leading Endocrinologist and Functional Medicine practitioners my areas of interest lie in Diabetes (type 1&2), thyroid dysfunction, gut and adrenal  issues, (IBS, IBD etc), insulin resistance and weight loss.


What I Offer

Each Nutrition consult has a basic format that is moulded for each individual as we move through the process of assessment.


This process tends to unfold the intricate web of how the body tends to overlap its physiological and functional abilities such as how we digest, which affects our immune system and which affects our energy system for example.


These physiological areas are also affected by our genetics, our mental health and our lifestyle choices. Therefore when an individual is suffering from fatigue the deeper we go into these physiological and functional systems the more information we have in finding the cause and a pathway we need to support and correct with nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle change to overcome the fatigue.


So what do I offer, I offer a process and a journey of change in order to treat or improve the current issue or discomfort you are dealing with.


Common issues I deal with:

  • Insulin resistance

  • Weight loss

  • Diabetes Type I & II

  • Gut and Liver issues

  • Hormones: Imbalances, Adrenals and Thyroid

  • Detoxification: Specific or within treatment programs

  • Inflammation & Inflammatory disorders

  • Improvement of health and well being



Medical Aid Scheme Rates

Intial rates: R1098.80

Follow ups: R878.70 to R512.50

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